ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਵਿੱਚ ਦੇਖੋ

The Launching of Official Website of district Moga is a step forward in an attempt to bring the information technology in the realm of public administration. The website comprises information relating to statistical , economical, historical & administrative aspects of the district. The attempt is a continuous process and further information such as investment, potentialities etc would be added in due course of time.

I congratulate NIC for the pioneering efforts in designing and developing this site. I wish them success in all their projects that are at hand & in their future projects in the interest of effective administration.

G. Ramesh Kumar, IAS
Deputy Commissioner , Moga
(04/03/2002 to 25/07/2004)


As per instructions given by Punjab Governement to use Punjabi in official work of the Government, we are launching our official website in Punjabi also. This is a step forward to bring Information Technology to the doorstep of the common people. This is the first time in Punjab that District Administration website is available in common people's language. Now any body can see the progressive work done by District Administration Moga as well as common people can give their suggestions in their own language. The launching of new projects in District Moga will strengthen e-Governance and bring transparency into the system.

I want to congratulate NIC MOGA for their efforts in e-Governance in interest of effective administration.

Dr. Vijay N. Zade, IAS
Deputy Commissioner , Moga
(11/08/2010 to 28/07/2011)